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What is the Custom 511 RideMatch Service?

The 511 RideMatch Service is an interactive, on-demand system that helps people find carpools, vanpools, or bicycle partners. The 511 RideMatch Service can be customized, free-of-charge, to match the look and feel of a company’s website (as shown in the example below). This allows employees to access the RideMatch Service with the added confidence of knowing that their employer supports ridesharing.  Registrants have the option to limit their match results to company-only employees, or to expand their search to all regional matches.

Ready to customize the RideMatch Service? Follow the steps below.

Step One:
Contact our Employer Services Department; a representative will assist you. Call 510-273-3600 (ask for Employer Services) or e-mail

Step Two:
The Employer Services Representative will schedule an initial meeting to explain how the system works, introduce 511 Rideshare's IT Manager and review the MOU. A signed copy of the MOU is required to proceed.

Step(s) Three through "Go Live":
The Employer Services Representative will coordinate with you to finalize: 

  • Graphic needs: color requests, logos, etc.
  • Estimated completion time (typically no more than 7 days)
  • Test website: review with employer and incorporate any changes
  • Final implementation and approval: obtain final approval from employer and supply URL (typically 3 days from approval).


Call 510-273-3600 (ask for Employer Services) or e-mail


Developer Resources - Custom 511 Ridematch Service -


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