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What is the 511 Transit Static Data Feed?

The free 511 Transit Static Data Feed provides schedules, stops, timepoints, routes, fares, and more for over thirty five transit agencies/providers serving the San Francisco nine-county Bay Area, including all of the larger agencies and many of the smaller providers as well. The Transit Data Feed is provided in either "CSV" (Comma-Separated Values) or "GTFS" (General Transit Feed Specification) format. To learn more about the Transit Data Feed, click here.

Ready to get the data? Download the agreement:

Click here to download the latest Static Transit Data Feed Agreement. Mail two signed hard copies to the address in the agreement. After 511 receives your signed agreements, we'll mail one copy back for your records. We'll also e-mail you account information and instructions on how to access the transit data feed.


For questions about the Static Transit Data Feed, send an e-mail to or visit our Google Group, 511SFBayDeveloperResources.

Be a Part of 511!

Make sure to follow the instructions in the agreement for crediting 511 as the source of the data. If you create an app or tool from this data and want to showcase it on, please contact us at to request placement on 511 Mobile & Apps.

If your email to or returns undeliverable, please use the suggestion form to submit your question or request.

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Find out how long it will take to get to your destination – now, or in the future. Use 511 Driving Times to calculate your current driving time NOW, or estimate your driving time in advance to plan an upcoming trip.

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