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Smart Driving Good for Your Pocketbook, Good for the Air

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Want to save money and reduce pollution, too?

Sometimes called “Eco-Driving,” Smart Driving is a set of strategies and techniques that maximize fuel efficiency by improving driving habits and vehicle maintenance. These actions can improve gas mileage, reduce fuel costs, increase safety, and lessen stress. Smart driving also helps improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our cars.

Here are a few simple tips to help improve your gas mileage while driving your existing vehicle:

  • Choose the least congested route
    Choosing the least congested route keeps you from idling in traffic, which cuts down on the amount of emissions from your car's tailpipe. Go to the 511 Traffic page to get the current traffic conditions, driving times and alternate routes to find the least congested way to go.
  • Slow down
    Follow the speed limit. When driving on freeways, reducing your speed from 75 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour can improve your gas mileage by 15 percent.
  • Smooth and steady
    Accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Reduce aggressive driving to increase your gas mileage by up to 33 percent (highway) and 5 percent (street).
  • Tune it up
    Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular oil changes, service and maintenance. Improve your mileage by 4 percent by keeping your car in good working condition.
  • Lighten the load
    Clean out your car and the trunk. For every 100 pounds you remove, your fuel economy will increase by 2 percent.
  • Pump ’em up
    Check your tire pressure monthly. Keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure, and you’ll improve your fuel economy by 2-3 percent.

Smart driving activities, when done together, can improve vehicle efficiency by up to 15 percent, and in some cases up to 30 percent, all while reducing the emissions that pollute our air.

You Can Help!

MTC is looking for Bay Area drivers to participate in our smart driving pilot program. Learn more about smart driving and earn incentives for your participation.

Three easy to remember steps:

  1. Anticipate – Adapt your speed to what is happening ahead.

  2. Drive a Steady Speed – Follow the speed limit and avoid aggressive acceleration and deceleration.

  3. Maintain Your Vehicle – Regularly inflate tires, change the oil, and check filters.

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