101 Express Lanes - Opening Late 2021 and 2022

The 101 Express Lanes between Interstate 380 (I-380) to SR-237 are under construction.

Existing carpool lanes are being converted to express lanes between SR-237 and Whipple Avenue and new express lanes will be constructed between Whipple Avenue and I-380 (red striped line on map below).

For more construction news, sign up for weekly or quarterly updates, email with the subject line 'Weekly' or 'Quarterly' to 101express@dot.ca.gov. Follow the project on Twitter @CaltransD4Visit the project websites at 101express.com and Valley Transportation Authority.


Hours of operation: TBD

Carpool occupancy: 3 or more people


  • All drivers will need FasTrak to use the future express lanes

  • Carpools, vanpools and motorcycles will need FasTrak Flex (set in the proper position) to use the future express lanes. Eligible Clean Air Vehicles will need a FasTrak CAV Tag.

Get FasTrak!

Project construction began in February 2020 and is currently scheduled to last through mid-2022. Information about lane construction in San Mateo County can be found at 101express.com and in Santa Clara County at Valley Transportation Authority.


Press contact: Caltrans Public Information Officer Alejandro Lopez at (510) 286-4948

Lane operator: San Mateo Express Lane JPA and Valley Transportation Authority

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