Solo Drivers on Bay Area Express Lanes

SOLO DRIVERS with a FasTrak® toll tag
have the choice to pay tolls to use express lanes.

If traveling alone in a car that is not an eligible Clean Air Vehicle, you need a FasTrak® toll tag to pay for tolls in the express lane.

  • Either a standard FasTrak® toll tag or FasTrak Flex® toll tag switched to ‘1’ will work.

  • Overhead pricing signs show you the toll amount to travel to different destinations. Learn more about pricing and pricing signs (PDF).

  • Tolls are locked in when your vehicle is first detected in the lane, so even if the toll changes while you are in the lane, you are charged no more than the amount shown on the pricing sign when you entered the lane.

If traveling alone in an eligible Clean Air Vehicle, view the "For Clean Air Vehicles" page to learn how to use the lanes.

Standard FasTrak toll tag and Flex Tag in 1 position

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