Free Bridge Tolls


The Bay Area Vanpool Program provides free bridge tolls to 11 – 15 passenger vanpools by providing non-revenue FasTrak® toll tags.


Vanpools with 11-15 passengers that register with the Bay Area Vanpool Program get TOLL FREE PASSAGE on the Bay Area's seven state-owned toll* bridges. These bridges are the Antioch, Benicia-Martinez, Carquinez, Dumbarton, Richmond-San Rafael, San Mateo-Hayward and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Vanpools must use the dedicated carpool lanes to receive the discounts.

Vanpools also travel toll free in Bay Area Express Lanes when traveling with at least 3 people in the van. The vanpool must has a FasTrak Flex® toll tag set in the 3+ position in the vehicle to travel toll free. The non-revenue FasTrak toll tag can also be used by vanpools in the express lanes.

* Does not include the Golden Gate Bridge.


To receive a non-revenue FasTrak toll tag, register your vanpool with the Bay Area Vanpool Program by completing registration in Merge. Next, complete and submit an application for your non-revenue FasTrak toll tag. By signing the application, the vanpool driver/coordinator commits to the rules and responsibilities for using the non-revenue FasTrak toll tag.

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