Phone Shortcuts

Use shortcuts to go directly to 511's most popular features from the Main Menu by saying:

  • Driving Times
  • Traffic Conditions
  • Departure Times
  • AC Transit
  • BART
  • Muni
  • VTA
  • SamTrans
    • Caltrain
    • Golden Gate Transit
    • All Nighter
    • Transit Agencies
    • Paratransit
    • FasTrak
    • Clipper
    • Sacramento 511
    • or Freeway Assist

        Interrupt 511

        You can ask for the items above as soon as you are connected to 511 – there's no need to wait for the menu options

        You can also interrupt 511 at any time in any menu if you already know your selection. Once you know what questions will be asked, you can answer them as soon as the system starts asking them.

        Use key commands like:

        • "repeat" to hear your choices again,
        • "help" to hear the available selections,
        • "Main Menu" to return and start over,
        • "go back" to return to a previous menu, and
        • "stop" to cancel your selection.

        If you get stuck (e.g., you hear, "I'm sorry, I didn't get that"), you can always say, "Main Menu" or "help", or you can press *8 for touch-tone options.

        Get Realtime Updates


        Say you're driving and stuck in traffic – call 511 and say "Driving Times" to find out when you'll arrive at your destination. 511 will also provide information on the incidents on your route. When prompted for a starting and ending point within 511 Driving Times® menu, you can request a city, bridge, or hot spot. All available options are listed below. Therefore, you can say any of them, and the system will recognize it as either a starting or ending point.

        You can also call 511 and say "Traffic Conditions" to get incidents, construction announcements, and slowdowns on a highway or around a city, bridge, or hot spot. Everything you can request is listed below.


        Say you're out to dinner in San Francisco and you want to find out when the next Muni or BART train is coming to catch a ride home? Call 511 and say "Departure Times." If you know your stop ID, you can say or enter it. If you don't, the system will help you identify your stop, just say your agency and route name.

        List of Shortcuts

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