Paying Bridge Tolls

In the Bay Area, FasTrak is a way to pay for tolls on all toll bridges, express lanes, and parking at the San Francisco International Airport electronically.

State-Owned Bridges

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) collects tolls on the seven state-owned toll bridges in the Bay Area. On these bridges, drivers can pay their tolls with either FasTrak or cash. With FasTrak, you can use special designated lanes to get you to the toll plaza faster and drive through without having to stop to pay the toll collector. Tolls are automatically deducted from your prepaid account. To pay with cash, drivers wait in line for a toll booth collector to take their payment.
Tolls on the Bay Area's seven state owned toll bridges vary by bridge, time of day, vehicle occupancy, and vehicle type. Find a list of bridge toll rates here. In order to qualify for the carpool rate, you must meet the carpool occupancy requirements, use designated carpool lanes and pay the toll with FasTrak.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District manages operations on the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge no longer accepts cash payment for bridge tolls. Toll payment is made with a FasTrak toll tag or by processing an image of the vehicle's license plate to collect payment at a later time. If drivers have a working FasTrak toll tag in their vehicle, they will receive a discounted toll rate. Otherwise, the image will be associated to an active FasTrak account and the toll automatically deducted from the customer's account. FasTrak also offers a short term payment account, called a One Time Payment, which gives you the option to pay 2 days before or within 2 days after your crossing using your vehicle license plate information. If you don't have a FasTrak account, drivers can wait for a toll bill, called an invoice, to be mailed to the vehicle's registered owner for payment of the toll with no additional fees.

For the toll rates on the Golden Gate Bridge, visit

FasTrak® is the electronic payment system for Bay Area Bridges.

A valid FasTrak account makes it quick and convenient to pay tolls because you don't need to carry cash. It also saves you time by letting you cross bridge toll plazas nonstop, allows carpools to use the carpool lanes and receive discounted rates on toll bridges, lets solo drivers use the Express Lanes, and gives you the option to bypass the parking pay booth at the airport.

To use FasTrak, you need an account with a prepaid balance and a toll tag. You deposit money into your FasTrak account and each time you use your toll tag, the toll amount is deducted from your account balance. Maintaining a FasTrak account is free - when you close your account and return your toll tag, the remaining pre-paid balance will be returned to you.

Opening a FasTrak account is easy.

  • Open a FasTrak account online and get a ready-to-use toll tag mailed to you, or
  • Pick up a toll tag at Costco, Safeway or Walgreens and follow the registration process.

FasTrak accounts are free, but may require a deposit. Learn how to get started with FasTrak.

Choose the toll tag that fits your commute:

  • fastrak-tag

    Standard FasTrak Toll Tag

    • Accepted for solo use on all Bay Area Bridges.
    • Cannot be used by carpools, vanpools, motorcycles or eligible clean air vehicles to travel toll-free on Bay Area Bridges.
  • fastrak-flex-tag

    FasTrak Flex Toll Tag

    • Accepted for solo and carpool use on all Bay Area Bridges.
    • Carpools must use the designated carpool lane with a valid FasTrak toll tag – either a standard or FasTrak Flex toll tag.
    • Set the toll tag to show your toll status before you start your trip

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