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Support Your Employees’ Commute to Work

We offer employers support in serving the commute needs of their workforce, from tools like the Employer Transportation Planning Handbook, to programs and resources provided by your county, to inspiration from case studies through the Bay Area Best Workplaces list. One of the biggest benefits to employers who offer employee commute programs is staff retention. Explore the resources below to start or grow your program, and be sure to register your program benefits with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program so we can ensure Bay Area employees are supported in their commute to work.

Employer Transportation Planning Handbook

  • Interactive Employer Transportation Planning Handbook Cover

    Interactive Employer Transportation Planning Handbook

    MTC has developed an Employer Transportation Planning Handbook to help
    employers determine how to best serve their employees’ commute
    needs given your worksite and workforce. The guide provides a
    roadmap for you to identify your unique needs and explore industry
    best practices to meet those needs. Download the handbook here.

Best Workplaces

Bay Area employers play a vital role in the commuter experience from home to work. Developing worksite commute programs offers the following return on investment:

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Create options for employees
  • Optimize employee productivity
  • Be competitive with flexible work culture
  • Establish your corporate citizenship

As exhibited in the list of annual Best Workplaces for Commuters™, many companies in the Bay Area excel in providing these options.

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