All Nighter Routes

All Nighter Route and Late Night Schedule Information

Routes with coordinated, regional/interagency timed transfers are marked with an asterisk (*) in the route list below. Please note that some agencies offer additional late night service that may not have timed transfers between routes. For more information about transfers within individual agencies, please visit your agency website.

Routes operated by AC Transit

To view an updated list of maps and schedules for AC Transit, click here.

  • 1T   - Oakland-San Leandro*
  • 800 - San Francisco-Richmond*
  • 801 - San Leandro-Fremont*
  • 802 - Oakland-Berkeley*
  • 805 - Downtown Oakland-San Francisco Bay Oakland Airport*
  • 840 - Oakland-Eastmont*
  • 851 - Alameda-Downtown Berkeley*

Routes operated by Muni

To view an updated list of maps and schedules for Muni, click here.

  • K-Ingleside Owl (Bus) (Service is Currently Suspended)
  • L-Taraval Owl (Bus)
  • M-Ocean View Owl (Bus) (Service is Currently Suspended)
  • N-Judah Owl (Bus)
  • T-Third Street Owl (Bus) (Service is Currently Suspended)
  • 5-Fulton (Service is Currently Suspended)
  • 14-Mission*
  • 22-Fillmore
  • 24-Divisadero
  • 25-Treasure Island
  • 38-Geary
  • 44-O'Shaughnessy
  • 48-Quintara/24th Street (Service is Currently Suspended)
  • 90-Owl (Fort Mason-Visitacion Valley)
  • 91-Owl (SF State-West Portal)

Routes operated by SamTrans

To view an updated list of maps and schedules for SamTrans, click here.

  • 397 - Palo Alto-San Francisco*
  • ECR - Mission/Wellington (Daly City)-SFO

Routes operated by Golden Gate Transit

Note: Golden Gate Transit offers limited late-night and early-morning service. All night service is not provided. To view an updated list of maps and schedules for Golden Gate Transit, click here.

  • 30 - San Francisco-Sausalito-San Rafael
  • 101 - Santa Rosa-San Francisco

Routes operated by VTA

To view an updated list of schedules for VTA, click here.

  • 22 - Eastridge-Palo Alto/Menlo Park* (Service is Currently Suspended)

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