Traffic Data

511 SF Bay’s Portal for Open Traffic Data. Data is free and available using a token.

Once you have obtained your API token, you can use the data endpoint below to obtain traffic incident and event data from major highways in the San Francisco Bay Area. The traffic event API has been updated recently to include enhanced content. In addition to road closure geometries, this API now provides additional data to help end users with more precise information.

The default rate limit per API token is 60 requests per 3600 seconds. If you need increased rate limit for your purpose, please send your request to without including your API Key. For more detail on these data endpoints, you can download the technical specification.

Traffic Events API

Provides all active and planned incidents and events on all major highways in the nine county San Francisco Bay Area

  • Endpoint:[your_key]
  • Allowable parameters: please consult the technical document

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API Documentation

Open 511 Data Exchange Specifications – Overview

View PDF(PDF file opens in a new window)

Open 511 Data Exchange Specifications – Traffic

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