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Welcome to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's website. We are pleased to provide an electronic medium for accessing information about the 511 service. Please use our suggestion form to let us know if you have any feedback for improving accessibility features on our website to contact us.

Information for users who are visually impaired: Our website was designed to be used with screen readers. Most images on our web site are accompanied by alternate text image tags that should be readable if your browser supports the alt-text function.

If a web page has an on-line form or document that is not accessible, please contact the MTC Public Information Office to request an alternate format. MTC's Public Information Office can be reached at Tel. (510) 817-5700.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is the public agency responsible for the 511 program. For more information on MTC’s accessibility policies, responsible employee and complaint procedures, click here.

511 Phone Access for the Hearing and Speech-Impaired

To access 511, hearing and speech-impaired callers simply dial 711, the national three-digit number for access to Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS), and ask the operator to connect them to the 511 service by calling 1-888-500-4636. Once connected, the 711 operator will act as a go-between, relaying callers' requests for travel information to the 511 system and then providing system responses back to the callers. All transportation information available in the 511 system can be accessed by hearing and speech-impaired callers.

511 Interactive Map Accessible Content

The information on the 511 Interactive Map is also available in screen-reader friendly format.

Web Accessibility Tools

Browser extensions and operating system-based tools can extend functionality to help users with accessible needs to enjoy the web. These tools convert text to speech, enhance colors, enlarge text, streamline navigation, and provide a range of other assistance.

Web Browser Extensions

Chrome Extensions for Visual Impairments

Chrome Extensions for Keyboard Control

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Safari Extensions for Visual Impairments

Safari Extensions for Keyboard Control

Desktop Operating System Tools



Mobile Operating Systems

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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