Enterprise Vanpools

The Bay Area Vanpool Program provides $500 per month to qualifying vanpool groups who rent their vanpools from Commute with Enterprise.

Commute With Enterprise rents new model, low-mileage vans or SUVs to vanpool groups and provides roadside assistance and maintenance for the vanpool. Commute with Enterprise will help you find a vanpool group so you can take advantage of the Bay Area Vanpool Program's $500 monthly subsidy and start a more relaxing commute.

Vanpools can receive additional subsidies depending on their origin or destination. See Vanpool Rewards for more information.

Qualifying vanpools receive toll-free passage on all Bay Area bridges other than the Golden Gate bridge. 


  1. Vanpool origin or destination is within the nine-county Bay Area:
    • Alameda County
    • Contra Costa County
    • San Francisco County
    • Marin County
    • Solano County
    • Napa County
    • Sonoma County
    • Santa Clara County
    • San Mateo County
  2. Vanpool is open to the public and not for the employees of just one employer,
  3. Vanpool group:
    • Completes Program Application & Acknowledgement Form
    • Completes vehicle agreement with Enterprise
    • Reports vanpool data monthly to Commute With Enterprise

Get Started

Visit Commute with Enterprise and MTC 

Call Commute With Enterprise 800-826-4967, option 1 


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