Get FasTrak for Bay Area Express Lanes


GET your FasTrak® toll tag. SET the tag for solo or carpool. DRIVE with the tag in the car.

FasTrak® is required on all Bay Area Express Lanes. Visit to open an account. View this video about FasTrak and Express Lanes. You can also use FasTrak to pay tolls on the eight Bay Area toll bridges, for parking at the San Francisco International Airport and on toll roads displaying the FasTrak logo in Southern California.

FasTrak Tags

  • FasTrak Flex Toll Tag

    FasTrak Flex® Toll Tag

    • Required for carpools, vanpools, and motorcycles to use express lanes toll-free or at a reduced toll.
    • Set the toll tag to show your toll status before you start your trip.
    • View the "Am I toll-exempt?" chart.

    *Note: At toll bridges, carpools must use the designated carpool lane with a valid FasTrak toll tag – either a standard or FasTrak Flex toll tag.

  • Standard FasTrak Toll Tag

    Standard FasTrak Toll Tag

    • Accepted for solo-driver use in all express lanes.
    • Cannot be used by carpools, vanpools, motorcycles or eligible clean air vehicles to travel toll-free or at a discount in Bay Area Express Lanes.
    • FasTrak no longer issues standard tags, but existing tags remain valid.
  • FasTrak CAV Toll Tag

    FasTrak CAV Toll Tag

    *Note: At toll bridges, eligible clean air vehicles must use the designated carpool lane with a valid FasTrak toll tag – a standard or FasTrak Flex or FasTrak CAV toll tag.

Did you receive a toll violation notice?
Go to to pay or for more information.

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