Bay Area Carpool Program

Carpooling offers you the comfort of a car ride, the efficiency of carpool lanes, free travel in express lanes, and shared commute costs. But what most people enjoy is the community that carpooling creates. Find your match today through a ride-match app, the 511 Ridematch System or the Casual Carpool network and join the community! 

  • Scoop

    Scoop matches riders and drivers for rides during commute hours. Download Scoop with the promo code SCOOPME05.

  • Waze Carpool Rider

    With Waze Carpool, you can select who will drive you and the price you will pay for the ride. Download Waze Carpool with the promo code 511Waze.

  • Waze Carpool Driver

    Use the Waze app to be a carpool driver and earn money for trips you are already making. You can select who you pick up and also adjust what you charge for rides. The most you can earn is the IRS mileage reimbursement rate, but many drivers reduce their fees to find riders and get reduced bridge tolls, use HOV lanes, use express lanes toll free and share parking costs. Download Waze with the promo code 511Waze.

  • 511 RideMatch Service

    If you want to carpool on a regular basis and have a fairly reliable daily schedule, the 511 Ridematch Service has over 60,000 people in its database available for matching. There are no built-in fees, so riders and drivers work out the details the old fashioned way without an app. Register here or access your existing account.

  • Casual Carpool

    On weekday mornings, drivers and passengers meet at over 20 designated locations to travel over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco. View a list of casual carpool locations.

  • Carpool to BART for Easier BART Parking

    BART will launch their new BART carpool parking program in Spring 2019. Since these pages will be live in May 2019, we will not have any pages dedicated to carpooling to BART but will instead link out to BART. Visit the BART site for more information.

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