Bay Area Carpool Program

Carpooling offers you the comfort of a car ride, the efficiency of carpool lanes, free travel in express lanes, and shared commute costs. Find your match today through the 511 Ridematch Service, the Casual Carpool network or a ride-match app, and join the community. 

COVID-19 Carpool Safety Tips

The safest measure in the COVID-19 environment is to stay home when possible, in accordance with public health directives. To help protect you and your carpool partner in the event you choose to carpool, the Bay Area Carpool Program gathered the following information from public health sources. For complete and accurate information on how to protect yourself in the COVID-19 environment visit the CDC website.

Carpool Options

  • 511 RideMatch Service

    The best way to find a long-term carpool partner is with the RMS. You will be matched with someone along your route, agree on days to carpool, and keep that same partner as long as you like. There are no built-in charges to use the service or carpool. Register here.

  • Casual Carpool

    On weekday mornings, drivers and passengers meet at over 20 designated locations to travel over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco. View a list of casual carpool locations.

  • Waze Carpool Rider

    Users coordinate their own carpools by selecting from available drivers. Download Waze Carpool and use promo code 511WAZE. Enter promo code by clicking the “Settings” gear icon in the upper right of the screen, then scroll down to and click “Payment Method”.

  • Waze Carpool Driver

    The popular navigation app allows drivers to offer carpools to riders. First, click “Carpool” in the bottom right of your screen to access and fill out a driver carpool profile. Then, use promo code 511WAZE. Enter promo code by clicking the “Settings” gear icon in the upper right of the screen and scroll down to “Payments”.

  • Scoop

    Automated matching ideal for morning and evening work commutes. Download Scoop and use promo code SCOOPME05. Enter promo code by clicking “Account”, then “Pricing & Payments”, and then select Payments from the menu in the upper right of the screen.

  • Carpool to BART for Easier BART Parking

    Carpoolers can verify their carpool occupancy and park in reserved BART parking spaced with either the BART App or a paper permit issued by 511, depending on the station. Click here for more information.

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