Bay Area Vanpool Program Overview

The Bay Area Vanpool Program provides qualified vanpools $350 off the monthly cost of a vanpool. It also helps commuters find vanpool seats, start vanpools, keep vanpools on the road with an "empty seat" subsidy, provides free bridge tolls to qualifying vanpools, and helps vanpools get discounted parking.

A vanpool is a group of seven to 15 people commuting together with an unpaid driver. Vanpool vehicles can be rented through a third-party provider, such as Commute With Enterprise, be owned by an individual, or provided by an employer.

Vanpool Seats

Find vanpools near you with seats available.

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Enterprise Vanpools

Connect with "Commute with Enterprise" to rent a van and start your vanpool.

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Owner-Operated Vanpools

Connect with 511 to start and operate a vanpool with an owned van.

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