Owner-Operated Vanpools

Owner-operated vanpools are personally-owned 7–15 passenger vans filled with passengers traveling to and from work together. Passengers pay the van owner for their seat on a monthly basis.

If you have a van and want to start a vanpool, take the first steps below.

Get Started

  1. Recruit Passengers. You can search for passengers by joining the Bay Area Commuter Carpool Network, by asking your company's Human Resources department or transportation demand management (TDM) program for help, or by contacting your county's TDM program
  2. Pass the Medical Exam as required by the DMV for vanpool drivers.
The State of California requires all drivers to pass a medical examination before they can drive a vanpool. Learn More.
  3. Take advantage of vanpool rewards that may be offered by your home or work location.

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