Owner-Operated Vanpools

Owner-operated vanpools are personally-owned 7 – 15 passenger vans filled with passengers traveling to and from work together. Passengers pay the van owner for their seat on a monthly basis.

The Bay Area Vanpool Program supports owner-operated vanpools by helping drivers find passengers, recruit back-up drivers, subsidize empty seats, complete required forms, get discounted parking, get free bridge tolls, and earn rewards. If you have a van and want to start recruiting passengers, take the first steps below.

Get Started

The State of California requires all drivers to pass a medical examination before they can drive a vanpool. Learn More.

Get your vanpool registered in Merge, and our vanpool consultants can support you in coordinating your vanpool. Register here.


  • Owner-Operated Vanpool Seat Subsidy

    Do you drive or coordinate an owner-operated vanpool that is down a rider or two? Apply for a Seat Subsidy and add your van to the "Seats Available" list to keep your vanpool rolling.

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  • Discounted Parking Permits

    The cities of Oakland and San Francisco offer discounted (or reduced-cost) parking permits for qualified vanpools.

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  • Free Bridge Tolls

    The Bay Area Vanpool Program provides free bridge tolls to 11 – 15 passenger vanpools by providing non-revenue FasTrak® toll tags.

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Need assistance?

Contact a 511 vanpool consultant.

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