What's disrupting the Bay Area's highways, bridges, and transit services? Get the travel information that matters to you. Up-to-the-minute updates on traffic incidents, road closures, transit disruptions, and roadway construction projects.

Detour Sign on a busy street

Critical Alerts

Get the details on major traffic or transit disruptions.

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Freeway Sign Displaying Bay Bridge Closure

Traffic Alerts

View and sort current incidents, construction, and events. Read about long-term construction projects. See what's on the Caltrans Message Signs.

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A bus that says it is "Not in Service"

Transit Alerts

View and sort delays, re-routes, and service changes. Learn what to do during a transit disruption.

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  • Emergencies

    When emergencies occur that interrupt the Bay area's roadways and transit services, 511 SF Bay is your source for alternative travel information.

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