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Welcome to 511 SF Bay’s Open Data Portal. This is the central location for access to 511’s data for traffic and transit. Data is free and available using a token.

Transit Data Traffic Data

511’s Open Data mission is to provide high quality data to public and private sector disseminators in order to maximize the number of travelers benefiting from 511 data. Private sector partners include Google, Apple, Bing, Transit App, HERE, and many others.

511’s Open Data program also provides several APIs for developers who'd like to create applications, widgets, and other tools using 511 data. All data sources are provided free-of-charge via token request, however, acknowledgement of 511.org as the data provider is required.

Technical Help

Need help? You may want to review our FAQs first. If your question is not answered there, you can send a support request to the 511 SF Bay Developer Resources Google group via this email: 511sfbaydeveloperresources@googlegroups.com. Membership is not required to submit a support request in this group.

View the Open Data FAQs | Visit the Google Group

What's New

511 SF Bay is now able to publish a GTFS feed for upcoming service changes 3 days in advance. When a future feed is activated, to request an active service feed, please add the ‘status’ filter with the value ‘active’ to the url. For example: http://api.511.org/transit/datafeeds?api_key=[API_KEY]&operator_id=SF&status=active

511 SF Bay Open Data Portal has released its single consolidated Regional GTFS-Realtime (GTFS-RT) feeds for the region. Users can now download GTFS-RT Trip Updates, Vehicle Positions, and Alerts for all of San Francisco Bay Area’s real-time enabled transit agencies in single consolidated feeds using agency code ‘RG’. Data consumers can now download the GTFS-RT feeds using the following URLs:

Regional Trip Updates: https://api.511.org/Transit/TripUpdates?api_key=[API_KEY]&agency=RG
Regional Vehicle Positions: https://api.511.org/Transit/VehiclePositions?api_key=[API_KEY]&agency=RG
Regional Service Alerts: https://api.511.org/transit/servicealerts?api_key=[API_KEY]&agency=RG

Above GTFS-RT feeds provide companion real-time data for the single consolidated Regional GTFS (static data) feed 511 SF Bay has already been publishing at the data endpoint: http://api.511.org/transit/datafeeds?api_key=[API_KEY]&operator_id=RG

Transit agencies that are included in the Regional GTFS-RT have “Monitored” value set to ‘true’ in the response to the data endpoint: https://api.511.org/transit/operators?api_key=[API_KEY]

In addition to consolidated active Regional GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds, 511 SF Bay allow data consumers to download historic Regional GTFS data on a monthly basis, with or without the observed real-time arrivals times. The historic GTFS, with observed real-time arrivals times data, can be valuable for transit service analysis, transportation planning, and other research purposes.

Historic Regional GTFS without stop_observations.txt file: http://api.511.org/transit/datafeeds?api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY]&operator_id=RG&historic=2023-02

Historic Regional GTFS with stop_observations.txt file: http://api.511.org/transit/datafeeds?api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY]&operator_id=RG&historic=2023-02-so

The consolidated Regional GTFS feed now provides Pathways for all major transit stations/hubs/centers and Fares v2 data for all transit operators in the San Francisco Bay Area. When incorporated, transit trip planners can use Pathways to calculate more accurate transfer times and use Fares v2 to calculate exact fares including transfer discounts for an entire journey involving multiple transit services. 

511 SF Bay is the first 511 system in the nation to produce detailed fares data across multiple transit services in a consolidated regional data feed using the GTFS Fares v2 extension data specification.  

511 StopMonitoring API has been enhanced to include cancelled trip information, which was already part of GTFS-RT TripUpdates feed.

Traffic Events API has been enhanced to request up to 1000 past event information using a new filter called ‘status.’ When status value is ‘archived’ as shown in the following example URL, past archived events are provided:https://api.511.org/traffic/events/?api_key={your key}&status=archived

If more than 1000 past traffic event data is needed, please send your request via email to 511sfbaydeveloperresources@googlegroups.com

511 SF Bay Open Data Portal has released its Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) feed for the region. Users can now download up to date road closures and detours for local streets and highways due to planned work, for all participating jurisdictions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Data consumers can now download the WZDx feed using the following URL: https://api.511.org/traffic/wzdx?api_key=[API_KEY]

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