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Welcome to 511 SF Bay’s Open Data Portal. This is the central location for access to 511’s data for traffic and transit. Data is free and available using a token.

Transit Data Traffic Data

511’s Open Data mission is to provide high quality data to private sector disseminators in order to maximize the number of travelers benefiting from 511 data. Private sector partners include Google, Apple, Transit App, HERE, and Lyft.

511’s Open Data program also provides several APIs for developers who'd like to create applications, widgets, and other tools using 511 data. All data sources are provided free-of-charge via token request, however, acknowledgement of 511.org as the data provider is required.

Technical Help

Need help? You may want to review our FAQs first. If your question is not answered there, you can send a support request to the 511 SF Bay Developer Resources Google group via this email: 511sfbaydeveloperresources@googlegroups.com. Membership is not required to submit a support request in this group.

View the Open Data FAQs | Visit the Google Group

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