Bay Area Express Lanes

Express Lanes 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Get FasTrak Flex to use the Bay Area Express Lanes!

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All express lane drivers must have a FasTrak account. Carpools and eligible Clean Air Vehicles must have a properly set FasTrak Flex or FasTrak CAV toll tag in the vehicle to receive toll discounts. 

What You Need To Know

  • How Express Lanes Work

    Learn the basics. Learn more about each express lane: 580680 Contra Costa, 680 Sunol880101, 237

    Diagram of how express lanes work
  • Free and Discounted Tolls

    See this at-a-glance view of each lane's toll discounts. Carpools and eligible Clean Air Vehicles get free or discounted tolls.

    Express Lanes START℠ is a trial program that offers low-income drivers at least 50% off all tolled trips in the I-880 Express Lanes. To apply, click here.

    Image of people in a carpool
  • Understanding Tolls

    The price to use the lane goes up or down every few minutes depending on traffic. This PDF explains how to read express lane pricing signs.

    View this video about understanding express lane tolls.

  • Getting In/Out

    Bay Area Express Lanes have sections where access into or out of the lane is restricted (separated with double white lines) and sections where it is unrestricted (separated with a dashed white line). 

    Learn more about "Restricted Access," "Mostly Open Access," and "Open Access" (PDF)

  • Enforcement

    The California Highway Patrol (CHP) performs enforcement for all Bay Area Express Lanes. CHP enforces all laws within the California Vehicle Code while patrolling Bay Area Express Lanes, including:

    • Carpool occupancy requirements
    • Clean air vehicle requirements
    • Proper mounting of valid license plates
    • Illegal lane and buffer crossing
    • Proper mounting of a valid FasTrak® toll tag
    • Proper switch position setting on a FasTrak Flex® toll tag

    License plate cameras identify vehicles in the express lane without a valid FasTrak® toll tag. The registered vehicle owner receives a violation notice for the toll amount plus a $10 penalty. If unpaid, a second notice is sent and an additional $20 penalty is assessed. 

    A CHP officer issuing a citation to a driver in vehicle pulled over from the I-680 Contra Costa express lanes.

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