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Yes. is fully mobile compatible and resizes based on whatever device you’re on. Simply bookmark or save it to your smartphone or tablet home screen. You can bookmark the home page or the pages you use most often.

Please use safely. If you need to check traffic conditions while driving, call 511 and use voice commands or pull over to check your phone.

Create your own app-like button for or bookmark your favorite pages using your device’s "add to home screen/desktop" or "bookmark" feature. (This feature may vary by device.)

The home page features a real-time map of traffic speeds and current incidents, construction, events, and road closures. Check it at any time to see real-time traffic conditions and special alerts for your route. Or, you can call 511 to hear driving times for your route or traffic conditions for a city, highway, bridge, or hotspot.

Be safe! Please check traffic conditions before you leave, call 511 for voice-activated travel information, or pull over to check your smartphone for updates.

Call 511 and say "Departure Times" at the main menu. You will then be asked to enter your Stop ID. If you don't know your Stop ID, you can say the agency and route name to use 511's backup help system to hear your departure times and learn your Stop ID number. 

Traffic information, casual carpool locations, transit stops and routes, bike routes, and much more. Find the information you want by clicking the "Map Options" icon in the upper right corner of the map on the desktop version and at the bottom of the map on the mobile version. Choose a transportation mode (Traffic, Carpool, Transit, or Bicycling) to expand the layer options and select the information you'd like to see on the map. Then, close the Map Options menu by clicking the 'X' in the upper right corner. Your settings will be saved, so that next time you visit, your preferred layers will be waiting for you. Simply click any icon on the map, such as a traffic incident, to get more information.

Click the black, expanding arrows icon in the lower right corner to enlarge the map. Click it again to reduce the size.


Click the black, counterclockwise arrow icon in the lower right corner to reset the map. This is helpful if you have zoomed in or activated layers for a particular trip, and now you want the map restored to the regional traffic view. You can also use the plus and minus buttons located in the lower right corner of the map to zoom in and out. Any changes you make to the default view, or any layers you add to the map, will be saved for your next visit to

Use the search feature to find specific information anywhere on the site. Just click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to activate the search entry box.


Please reach out to us via the 511 Suggestions Form. We appreciate your feedback and comments.

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