Vanpool FAQ

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A vanpool is a group of 7–15 people who commute to and from work together in a van.

Register with Merge or call 511 and say “vanpool” to request a list of vanpools that match your commute. If you are interested in joining a vanpool as a passenger, look over the list of vanpools that share your commute and contact the van’s driver or coordinator. If you would like to start a vanpool, indicate your preference when you register, or contact a 511 vanpool consultant. We’re available Monday-Friday, 8 am–6 pm. Plus, there are many great vanpool incentives, so get started today!

Costs vary. The price is based on mileage, vehicle, and number of members, etc. For more information contact a 511 Vanpool Consultant.

In most cases, driver(s) and riders make a month-to-month commitment. You may leave the vanpool by giving the driver/coordinator the requested notice (usually 30 days).

A commuter who has committed to taking 6–14 other people to/from work. The driver may drive every day or share the driving with back-up drivers.

No, drivers and back-up drivers of vanpools only need a regular class C automobile driver’s license.

Most vans are owned or leased by individual commuters; some are operated by employers. If you do not own a van, the Bay Area Vanpool Program will help you connect with Commute with Enterprise for assistance. Vans leased through Commute with Enterprise have a service package, including vehicle registration, insurance and maintenance.

The Bay Area Vanpool Program's vanpool consultant will help you keep seats filled through Merge, employer contacts and recruitment materials. It benefits everyone to recruit new passengers, which keep seats occupied and vanpool fares low.

If you’re the driver, be sure to let fellow vanpoolers know your situation as soon as possible so they can make alternate arrangements. If you're a passenger, see if your employer or the county where you live and work offers a Guaranteed/Emergency Ride Home program. These programs can help you get home in an emergency on a day that you carpool, vanpool, etc. at no cost to you.

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