Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge crosses San Francisco Bay on Highway 101 and connects San Francisco and Marin counties. Its roadway consists of a total of six roadway lanes. The number of roadway lanes dedicated to a given direction of traffic flow can be modified several times throughout the day to accommodate shifting traffic patterns. The bridge also accommodates bicycles and pedestrians on a separated pathway.


If drivers have a working FasTrak toll tag in their vehicle, they will receive a discounted toll rate. Otherwise, the image will be associated to an active FasTrak account and the toll automatically deducted from the customer's account. FasTrak also offers a short term payment account, called a One Time Payment, which gives you the option to pay 2 days before or within 2 days after your crossing using your vehicle license plate information. If you don't have a FasTrak account, drivers can wait for a toll bill, called an invoice, to be mailed to the vehicle's registered owner for payment of the toll with no additional fees.

Bridge Toll: Southbound on US 101

Toll Amount

  • FasTrak: $8.75
  • License Plate Account: $9.00
  • One-Time Payment: $9.00
  • Invoice: $9.75
  • When: All Days, All Hours

Carpool Discount Toll*

  • $6.75
  • MON-FRI, 5:00AM - 9:00AM and 4:00PM - 6:00PM

For the toll rates on the Golden Gate Bridge, visit

Carpool Discount Requirements

  • FasTrak Required
  • 3+ persons per vehicle
  • 2 persons in 2 seater OK
  • Motorcycles permitted
  • ILEVs permitted

Carpool Discount Toll Passage

Bicycle and Pedestrian Access


  • Pedestrian Accessible
  • Bicycle Accessible


  • Golden Gate Transit
  • Golden Gate Ferry

Golden Gate Transit provides bus service across the Golden Gate Bridge, and Golden Gate Ferry provides service between Marin and San Francisco. Learn more about taking bikes on Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry.

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